Vapor Classification – understanding of vaping technology

VaporClassification systematically tracks and categorizes innovations in vaping technology. 

Developed by Wingle Group, it presents a clear and comprehensive map of the definitions, types, classes, performance characteristics and use cases for vaping devices, e-cigarettes, electronic hookahs, and e-liquids in a unified classification system. 

Supplemented by academic literature and white papers, this approach is designed to help industry participants – consumers, inventors, researchers, engineers, investors, and members of the media – to make sense of the vaping and e-cigarette market in a way that fits their individual needs.

VaporClassification is a simple solution to a complex problem. Innovation in the vaping world happens quickly. Stakeholders need a system to track it, and a common language to classify it.

The system has been developed by Wingle Group, a China-based consulting firm that uses its deep understanding of vaping technology to the benefit of its clients.

Tracking innovation in the vaping space is not new. Rapid development from the early 2010’s led to the creation of an incredible variety of vaping devices of different shapes, sizes and purposes; so much so that the market became saturated with novelties and stakeholders struggled to keep pace with innovation.

While some innovations prospered and others failed, tracking them and predicting trends was, an remains, almost impossible without endless resources and human capital in the major innovation centers of Shenzen, China and San Francisco, California.

VaporClassification solves that problem.

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