Rapid advancement of electronic vaping devices witnessed in the early 2010s brought about the creation of multiple new concepts and ideas and an incredible variety of devices featuring hitherto unimaginable shapes, sizes or purposes. The market became saturated with torrential flow of novelties and technical rollouts. Many of the innovations soon became an integral part of the mainstream, while some others proved to be a developmental dead end and were soon archived as history.

This explosive development continued for a while and after several years of the rigorous engineering activity, underpinned by the ever increasing interest from the users, neither the developers themselves, nor the most sophisticated of the users could confidently indicate what type of device a specific model could be referred to. The confusion was further exacerbated by the regional differences in the identifiers / names of assemblies, parts or even entire articles.

The variety of gadgets existing on today’s market gives a customer freedom of finding what suits one best. On the other hand, such a great number of choices can be overwhelming. This report provides a clear and comprehensive structure of vaping device types and classes, their definitions and descriptions presented as a unified classification system. It is designed to help the industry participants to improve understanding of the differences existing among the vaping device models and to make the end user’s product choice easier.

The scope of this document encompasses devices currently manufactured worldwide. The unified classification system shown below is expandable and designed so as to incorporate both specific existing units as well as devices to be developed and manufactured in the future.

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