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Our history

WINGLE GROUP ELECTRONICS is a Hong Kong-based company founded in 2010. It is a business platform that promotes mutually beneficial cooperation between companies working with personal electronics, healthcare, and consumer goods. The main goal of the company is to drive clients' value through integrated business projects and product management. We are to deliver expertise on M&A, open innovations, and business intelligence solutions.

Wingle Group has designed VaporClassification to help the industry participants improve their understanding of the differences existing among the vaping device models, and to make the end user’s product choice easier.

How we can help you?

VaporClassification system can be used and applied in the following areas and by these groups:
Regulatory agencies:
  • Control of imported products(customs): the customs codes for product categories,
  • Standardization of quality control (public health): a system of testing for individual components or the device itself
  • Certification regulations
  • Taxation (customs code/type of product)
  • Simplification and systematization of export documents
  • Standardization of internal quality control
  • Simplification of document turnover in the import
  • Reduce risk of litigation costs
End - Users:
  • Knowledge of technical specifications/product category, price range, ability to do comparative analysis when purchasing
  • Risk mitigation through certification and regulation of the quality of goods