Category (Symbol 1-1)

Full category name: Overall Device Attributes

In our classification system, power supply is assigned an individual category (P) without breakdown into smaller subtypes while the vaporizer or the vaping device category is determined as a combination of unit type (vaporizer, CL, APV, EH or HWOV) and subtype (refillability for vaporizers, CLs, APVs and EHs; and coil serviceability for vaporizers, APVs and EHs).  As discussed in Introduction, both coil serviceability and refillability are characteristics of vaporizers; however, they are included into the overall device attribute category since they are primary factors that determine the entire vaping device design.

The only serviceable part of a serviceable unit is a coil-and-wick assembly and a serviceable unit is a unit with serviceable coil(s).  Term “serviceable unit” is used sometimes hereinafter for brevity as a short description of a unit with serviceable coil(s).

Both disposable units and units with disposable cartridges are classified as non-refillable, while all partially serviceable and serviceable units are refillable.  Therefore, only four combinations of serviceability and refillability (non-serviceable non-refillable, non-serviceable refillable, partially serviceable (always refillable) and serviceable (always refillable)) are possible for vaporizers, APVs and EHs.  All CLs are non-serviceable and all HWOVs are non-serviceable and refillable.

Based on these comments, we introduce three subtypes for vaporizers, 2 subtypes for CLs and 4 subtypes for vaporizers, APVs and EHs.  This symbol includes no further breakdown of HWOVs or power supplies into subcategories.

Therefore, ‘Category’ is designated with the following 16 alphabetic options under the first symbol of the Overall Device Attribute group:


B – Cig-a-like, non-refillable

C – Cig-a-like, refillable

D – Vaporizer, with non-serviceable coil(s), non-refillable

E – Vaporizer, with non-serviceable coil(s), refillable

F – Vaporizer, with partially serviceable coil(s)

G – Vaporizer, with serviceable coil(s)

H – E-hookah, with non-serviceable coil(s), non-refillable

I – E-hookah, with non-serviceable coil(s), refillable

J – E-hookah, with partially serviceable coil(s)

K – E-hookah, with serviceable coil(s)

L – APV, with non-serviceable coil(s), non-refillable

M – APV, with non-serviceable coil(s), refillable

N – APV, with partially serviceable coil(s)

O – APV, with serviceable coil(s)

U – APV, without Coil(s), Refillable (Instead of a classical coil, an ultrasonic membrane is used)

T – APV, with Coil at U-sonic Membrane, Refillable

P – Power supply

V – Herbal vaporizer

W- Wax and Oil vaporizers


Nine alphabetic options (A, Q, R, S, Y and Z) are reserved for any future expansions of our classification system.

As shown in the introduction, “X” is reserved for coding the ‘Inapplicable’ option.  This option cannot be used for symbol 1-1 as any device should fall under one or another category.  However, we are not going to use “X” in the future for future expansion of the option list for symbol 1-1, because this option is solely allocated for coding the ‘Inapplicable’ option for other symbols.

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