Display (Symbol 3-4)

Full category name: Power Supply Attributes of Cig-a-likes (CLs), Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs), E-Hookahs (EHs) and Herbal Vaporizers (HWOVs) (Group 3)

The fourth symbol of the third (Power Supply Attributes) group of our classification code is dedicated to a single parameter which is its availability of a display.  

1 – Without а display for APVs, EHs or HWOVs

2 – With а display for APVs, EHs or HWOVs

This symbol is inapplicable to CLs and should be marked as “X” as all CLs available today have no display.  Both options 1 and 2 are applicable to APVs, EHs and HWOVs.

Eight (8) numeric options (0 and 3 to 9) are reserved for any future expansions of our classification system.

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