Shape (Symbol 3-3)

Full category name: Power Supply Attributes of Cig-a-likes (CLs), Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs), E-Hookahs (EHs) and Herbal Vaporizers (HWOVs) (Group 3)

In contrast to the other symbols of our classification system, the 3rd symbol in the group is allocated solely to a single attribute that is the overall device shape.  Eleven options with alphabetic coding are available:

A – Classic Stick

B – Mini Stick

C – Pen-Style

D – Cigarillo-Shaped

E – Cigar-Shaped

F – Tube

G – Box

H – Flask

I – Non-Standard

J – Pipe

K – Bowl

L – Stick

M – Classical Hookah

Options A through E are applicable to CLs only.

Options F, G and I is applicable to APVs, EHs and HWOVs.

Option H is applicable to APVs, only.

Options J are applicable to APVs and HWOVs.

Options K are applicable to EHs and HWOVs.

Option L is applicable to APVs, only.

Option M is applicable to EHs, only.

Alphabetic options (N through W, Y and Z) are reserved for any future expansions of our classification system.

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