Coil Configuration and Heater Type (Symbol 2-4)

Full category name: Vaporizer Attributes of Cig-a-likes (CLs), Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs), E-Hookahs (EHs) and Herbal Vaporizers (HWOVs) (Group 2)

There are currently 4 numeric options defining coil quantity and location that are assigned to the fourth and last symbol of the Vaporizer group code:

1 – Single Lower Coil for CLs, APVs or EHs
Pit Heater for HWOVs

2 – Multiple Lower Coils for CLs, APVs or EHs
Rod Heater for HWOVs

3 – Single Upper Coil for CLs, APVs or EHs
Open Coil for HWOVs

4 – Multiple Upper Coils for CLs, APVs or EHs
Irradiative Heater for HWOVs

5 – Single Inserted Coil for CLs

6 – Multiple Inserted Coils for CLs

7 – Coils absent for CLs or APVs (Instead of a classical coil an ultrasonic membrane is used)

8 – Coil and Ultrasonic membrane for APVs


This symbol is applicable to all the four vaping device classes. 

Numeric options (0 and 9) are reserved for any future expansions of our classification system.

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