IECIE ECIG EXPO Shenzhen 2021 - Expo overview report


This report presents information on products and data, obtained during the visit of the exhibition, based on the opinion of Wingle Group Electronics Limited. Information obtained from public sources or product manufacturers, Wingle Group Electronics Limited is not responsible for the accuracy of information and presentation of all available products on the date of submission of the report. This report has been prepared for general informational purposes only and does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement by Wingle Group Electronics Limited to invest in, buy, sell, or otherwise use any of the products or companies referred to in it. Wingle Group Electronics Limited accepts no responsibility to update this report in light of subsequent events or for any other reason. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Wingle Group Electronics Limited and its members, employees and agents do not accept or assume any responsibility or liability in respect of this report, or decisions based on it, to any reader of the report. Should such readers choose to rely on this report, then they do so at their own risk. Wingle Group Electronics Limited reserves all rights in this report.


The Expo was visited by a Wingle Group employee. IECIE eCig Expo is the 7th trade show covering everything from upstream supply chain to finished goods. The Electronic Atomization Supply Chain Technology Conference of the IECIE Summit Forum was held on December 6. On December 7, two summit forums were held in the IECIE forum area, focusing on topics such as the status quo of the industry, corporate competitiveness, and future development.

Key facts about the exhibition are presented below:

  • Booths specializations - 4
  • Declared/Factual Visitors - 80 000/57 445 (19 818 on the first day)
  • Declared/Factual Exhibitors - 360+/440+

Specialization of booths:

  • Hall 1 and Hall 9 - pod systems, disposable pods, e-liquids - 66% (289 booths);
  • Hall 7 - heating systems and heated sticks - 13% (58 booths);
  • Hall 8 - hardware parts and services - 21% (94).

Main insights:

  • Grango and Ouch brands launched pod systems with mixing flavors feature.
  • PINK and Play brands launched pod systems with touch screens.
  • Henan China Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd. presented “oxygen-free heating technology” for the heating system. Special designed heated sticks GoldenLeaf and FarStar are intended to be used with appropriate mr.Yeah heating systems to preserve technology advantages.
  • Henan China Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd. offered the concept of induction heating system mr.Yeah NF5000.
  • China Tobacco Guizhou Industrial offered long heated sticks (glo slim stick size!) and an appropriate heating system STAS G1730.
  • Shenzhen First Union offered the induction heating system Six Hill Yan3.
  • BYD launched new ceramic cores for e-liquid: BEEM core.
  • Herbal formulation of e-liquid in the Huiren Naboo Angel Herbal pod system.

Promo methods:

  • samples of devices and products;
  • flyers with detailed information, business cards;
  • LED banners, printed banners and displays showing demo materials;
  • different types of constructions in the booths, cars and claw machines.



Executive summary 

  1. About Expo
  2. Booths Plan
  3. Main insights

    3.1 Innovations found

    3.2 Main launches

    3.3 Ratio of Booth specializations

    3.4 Most popular Booths

    3.5 Main promo methods

4. Photo reportage

Appendix A. Exhibitors List

Appendix B. Conference agenda

Date of Report: December 16, 2021

Pages: 171

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