Tobacco-free nicotine pouches (snus): complete european market analysis report



Report includes detailed EU market analysis and defines all the tobacco-free brands of nicotine pouches, also known as nicotine snus or nicopods. All the data actual to the date of this Report as of November,18, 2020. The analysis of tobacco-free nicotine pouches includes 46 brands marketed in the EU and, in particular, 327 products were studied that varied in flavor, nicotine strength, portion weight, average price.

Numerous limitations and restrictions are in place throughout the EU on the sale of oral tobacco products, the non-tobacco nicotine pouches brands have emerged as a popular alternative to tobacco-based portion pouch products. Niconovum AB was the first in the world to develop a smokeless nicotine-containing sachet, thus a new category of modern oral products emerged. These products come in the form of white in colour nicotine pouches that are placed under the lip. The idea of a new product was implemented in many European markets, and nicopods gained particular popularity in Sweden and Denmark.

The large tobacco manufacturers (BAT, JTI, Altria Group and Imperial Brands) appear to be adopting tobacco-free nicotine pouches as a focus of corporate harm reduction strategies, and accordingly, given the opportunity to switch existing smokers from cigarettes to oral products at profitable margins.

The shift in the trend of global consumption of nicotine products away from traditional flammable cigarettes is accelerating. In a few years, the category has featured hundreds of products with different tastes and nicotine content. By the end of 2019, the non-tobacco snus subcategory accounted for approximately 8.26% in volume terms of all snus. With the launch of 27 new brands of nicotine pouches in 2020, the competition is getting fiercer. Companies are trying to position their brands as premium quality or environmentally responsible. Nevertheless, the companies continue to increase production volumes. In September 2020, BAT built a nicotine pouch factory in Hungary to boost production to more than 1 billion nicotine pouches in 2020 and a figure that is expected to triple next year.

At the same time, many private companies offer white label services (Nord Snus ApS, Alchem Europe SA, Enorama Pharma AB, Ministry of Snus A/S, TCF Group, Twinroll Service AB).

The raised demand on nicotine pouches in 2020 was triggered by the ban on flavoured tobacco products in the EU and it continues to grow, as well as this category continues to evolve, demanding improvement and variety. The level of innovation in this segment is likely to increase in the short to mid-term with old and new companies coming up with new products and solutions.



Executive summary

1. General Tobacco-Free Nicotine Pouches Industry Overview

    1.1. Tobacco-free nicotine pouches definition

    1.2. Tobacco-free nicotine pouches ingredients

    1.3. New trends in non-tobacco snus industry 

    1.4. Regulation in EU region

    1.5. Snus relative patents

    1.6. Types of snus pouches by content

    1.7. Types of nicotine pouches by size and shape

    1.8. Snus packaging technology

2. EU Non-tobacco snus market analysis

    2.1. Average weight of portion

    2.2. Average quantity of portions per package

    2.3. Average total net weight of portions in package

    2.4. Labeled nicotine content per portion

    2.5. Packages analysis

    2.6. Flavor profiles analysis

    2.7. Price range for tobacco-free snus

    2.8. Brands ownership in European nicotine pouch market

    2.9 EU Customs statistics for tobacco-free snus by special HTS code

          2.9.1 Export from Sweden to EU

          2.9.2 Export from the United Kingdom to EU

          2.9.3 Export from Czech Republic to EU

          2.9.4 Export from Denmark to EU to EU 

          2.9.5 Export from Hungary to EU to EU

          2.9.6 Export from Estonia to EU to EU

          2.9.7 Export from Lithuania to EU

          2.9.8 Export from Poland to EU

          2.9.9 Export from India to EU



1. Types of packaging boxes

    1.1 Real designs

    1.2 Concept designs


Date of Report: 18/11/2020

Pages: 104

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