Botanical nicotine-free E-liquid vaping products: complete market analysis



This report provides an overview of botanicals vaping products without nicotine and cannabinoids. It focuses on emerging trends such as vaping essential oils and vitamins, which are taking vaping in a more positive holistic direction akin to herbal supplements and natural product consumption. The report contains an analysis of 136 botanicals nicotine-free e-liquid vaping brands marketed worldwide. The products are compared by content and product type with particular attention given to component characteristics.

The report thoroughly sets out detail on:

  • Genesis of botanical vape trend
  • The typology of botanical nicotine-free e-liquid vaping products
  • Nutrients and herbal extracts in botanical vape products
  • Prevalence of botanical vape products (nutritional/botanical) by country
  • Botanical e-liquid brands by content type
  • Botanical non-nicotine brands by product type
  • Nutritional and botanical bottled vape e-liquid
  • Hydrogen vaping trend
  • The suppliers of herbal vape e-liquids
  • Pros and cons of product category


With the popularization of the wellness vaping trend, a huge number of companies and brands specializing in the production and distribution of pre-filled devices and e-liquids containing essential oils and nutrients have appeared. Despite the outbreak of EVALI which was directly linked to vitamin E acetate, vitamin vape products continue to be popular and their market presence exceeds the one of vaping products containing herbal extracts. The desire for a healthy lifestyle has become the main incentive for consumers of botanical vape products in the USA, Japan and China. The most popular nutrients include Vitamin C (it can be found in the ingredient list of 60 brands) and Vitamin B12.


Executive summary (4)
1. Genesis of botanical vape trend (9)
2. Botanical vapor products overview (12)
3. Types of botanical vape products (17)
    3.1. Nutritional based vape e-liquids (19)
    3.2. Herbal oil based e-liquids (25)
4. Hydrogen vaping trend (31)
5. Suppliers of herbal vape e-liquids (37)
6. Botanical vape e-liquid contents review (51)
Conclusions (53)
Appendix A. General table of botanical nicotine-free brands (55)
Appendix B. Nutritional e-liquid pre-filled vaporizers (78)

Appendix C. Herbal e-liquid pre-filled vaporizers (177)

Date of Report: March 2020

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