product history

Historical timeline of e-vapor products

Our highly qualified specialists with deep knowledge and experience in the Global vaping industry; perform search, analysis and organisation of all possible information in chronological order in scope of:

  • e-devices (e-cigarettes, vaporizers, HnB; and their parts)
  • consumables (THP)

E-product information package

Usually to ensure that gathered data is trustworthy, certain E-product data must include next informational package:

  • public designer drawings;
  • patent applications;
  • brand applications;
  • trademark applications;
  • technical specifications (both declared and real, as usually vendors provide a lot of misleading information);
  • official press-releases and news;
  • forum’s mentions;
  • reviews;
  • official manuals and instructions;
  • Safety Sheets and Certificates;
  • POS materials
  • other sources.

Using all the information collected, our specialists can easily make the hardest research: for example find the patent document, associate it with the vaping product on the market and identify all details about it: partner companies, manufacturer info.

Vaporclassification Project created in order to unify device classification.