Heat Sticks: Components and Construction Overview. Complete list of heat stick brands.

Heat Sticks: Components and Construction Overview. Complete list of heat stick brands.

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Heat Sticks:Components and Construction Overview of All brands
This report includes general product overview of all heat stick (HS) brands offered by companies to the date of 25/02/2020. In this report presented next types of heat sticks by filler:

  • tobacco leaf
  • tobacco-free (tea leaves, etc.)
  • tobacco wax
  • cannabis.

Highlights proprietary construction approaches taken by manufacturers in HS technology offerings for specific devices known as Heat-not-Burn (HnB) devices. Detailed heat stick construction images are provided

Table of contents:

Glossary 4
Table of contents 5
Executive summary 8
1. General Information 11
2. Types of heat sticks 12
2.1. Types by size 12
2.1.1. PMI IQOS compatible (close to ⌀7.2*45mm) 12
2.1.2. BAT glo compatible (close to ⌀4*84mm) 14
2.1.3. Other heat sticks 14
2.2. Types by filler 16
2.2.1. Tobacco 16
2.2.2. Non-tobacco 18
3. Top tobacco sticks brands 20
4. Heat sticks construction 21
4.1. Tobacco heat sticks 22
4.2. Herbal heat sticks 73
5. Conclusions 100
Appendix A. General table of all heat stick brands 101

Executive summary excerpt:
Heat Sticks Overview includes analysis of 51 heat sticks by 49 brands distributed worldwide. By size, 29 of them are Iqos compatible, 7 — Glo compatible, and the rest 15 are designed for special neither Iqos nor Glo compatible devices. By filling content, they are divided into tobacco (30) and non-tobacco or herbal heat sticks (21). Herbal heat sticks also include sticks with cannabis filler.

There are two primary types of tobacco HS - namely, long sticks (GLO vaporizer compatible) and short sticks (IQOS compatible). Besides exist special heat sticks with own size and device intended to use with. Most of the alternative offerings are designed to roughly the same structure and have a similar diameter, but inner construction varies dependantly on design of electronic heating vaporizer design used with each heat stick brand.

No 1 ... 51
Owner PMI ... Hidden
Brand of heat stick Heets ... Hidden
Type Tobacco ... Cannabis
Size ⌀7.2*45 mm ... n/a
For use with devices IQOS (all versions) ... Hidden
IQOS compatible ... -
Glo compatible - ... -
Images of product package ...
Images of heat stick ...
Images of internal structure ... n/a

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